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I think my LCN gel is defective in some way. What should I do?

LCN UV Gels are produced in Germany to the highest European manufacturing, filling and packaging standards. If you do feel that the product is not performing as expected, please submit your claim using our Contact Form on the LCN Contact Us Page. Be sure to include the correct product name, batch number (imprinted on product label), and colour, along with your name, location, certification and a description of your concern or issue with the product, keeping the following troubleshooting tips in mind.

Are you curing product in an LCN Light Unit?Are you curing product for full curing time?Are your bulbs new (if using regular tunnel light unit)?Are you using ALL LCN products for full application of artificial gel nails?

The LCN Website has many useful application guides that can help you get the best out of our products. Please refer to the Professional Resources section or browse our knowledge base.

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