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I have lost my LCN certificate. What are my options?

In case you have lost or damaged your certificate you will need to contact the LCN Distributor or LCN Educator with whom you completed your course. If a record of your successful class completion still exists, then you can request a certificate re-issue through that Distributor or Educator. Most class records are kept for 7 years. There is a $75 fee for each re-issued certificate.

If your certificate is more than 7 years old, or if the LCN Distributor or Educator cannot verify your successful course completion, then your options are to challenge the practical exam of the course or re-take the course. There is $195 exam challenge fee. Exam challenges can be arranged directly through your nearest LCN Distributor or Educator. For further information or clarification you can also contact LCN Head Office.

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