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The Magic Top Coat is a self-healing top coat that delivers exceptional results for your nails.


This acid-free UV high-gloss sealer features a flowing consistency and comes with an integrated brush for effortless application. It acts as the perfect seal, complementing any nail structure and compatible with all LCN UV gels.

Modeling Properties:

  • Self-Healing

  • Flowing Consistency

  • Integrated Brush



  • Long-Lasting Shine

  • High Color Protection

  • 100% Acid-Free and Vegan


Colors: Clear or Milky White


Available Sizes: 10ml.


  1. Prepare the Modeling: Begin by preparing your nail modeling as usual, ensuring that the nails are clean and properly shaped.

  2. Seal with Magic Top Coat: Apply a generous layer of the Magic Top Coat onto the nails, making sure to cover the entire surface. Pay special attention to coating the nail edges for enhanced protection.

  3. Cure: Cure the Magic Top Coat layer using an LED light device for 60 seconds. This ensures proper drying and bonding of the top coat to the nails.

  4. No Dispersion Layer: Unlike some other top coats, the Magic Top Coat does not create a dispersion layer after curing. This eliminates the need for additional steps such as wiping or cleansing.

  5. Allow Settling Time: For optimal performance, it is recommended to leave the surface untouched for 60 seconds after the curing process. This allows the self-healing properties of the top coat to activate and balance out any small scratches.

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