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The innovative all-for-one (AFO) texture of this high-performance gel system provides perfect results for all nails that are struggling with extreme lifts.

For customers with greasy nails that are prone to extreme lifting.



  • Adhesion reinforcement before modeling

  • Avoiding hair lifts



  • Curing in two minutes in air (without light device).

  • Contains an acid component; recommended for "transfer customers" from acrylic to gel

  • suitable for all nail types

  • self-smoothing

  • no lifting

  • flexible and unbreakable; high wearing comfort

  • simple application

  • suitable for fingernail extension with tips and templates as well as for 3D nail art

Trial sizes in 5 ml may be delivered in a different packaging.


  1. Start the modeling with the AFO Nail Foundation . This dries in the air and, as an adhesion promoter, is the perfect basis for the subsequent steps.

  2. With the AFO Bonding Gel later lifting is virtually impossible. This extremely strong UV adhesion promoter is easy to process and contains a slight amount of acid.

  3. The AFO Building Gel is a build-up and modeling gel and virtually smoothes by itself. It allows an even surface that can be filed very easily and easily. The consistency is slightly viscous and ideal for modeling. In addition, the AFO Building Gel is elastic despite its high resistance to breakage and ensures a high wearing comfort.

  4. For best results use the AFO system in combination with a LCN sealer of your choice.

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