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The Anti Aging Fiber NailTech, also known as Ultra Gel, is a revolutionary solution from LCN that addresses the aging concerns of nails.


Just like our skin and hair, nails also undergo changes as we age, such as visible nail grooves, decreased elasticity, and reduced resilience. To combat these signs of aging and provide proactive prevention, LCN's research and development team has created the Anti Aging Fiber NailTech. This high-tech, brush-on builder gel is designed for customers who seek to maintain the youthful appearance and strength of their nails. With its integrated professional brush and unique formulation, this product offers both adhesion and easy assembly, making it a true miracle weapon for aging prevention.



  • Liability & Structure in One



  • Fine Fiberglass Particles

  • Vitamin A Complex

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Collagen

Available Size: 10 ml.


  1. Prepare the Nail: Begin by preparing the nails, ensuring they are clean and free from any oils or residue. Shape and buff the nails as desired.

  2. Apply Thin Layer: Massage a very thin layer of the Anti Aging Fiber NailTech onto the nail surface, making sure to coat the nail edge for added support and strength.

  3. Cure: Harden the first layer of the product using an LED light device for 60 seconds or a UV tube light device for 120 seconds. Follow the recommended curing time provided by the manufacturer.

  4. Apply Second Layer: Apply a second layer of the Anti Aging Fiber NailTech, this time with a more saturated and floating application. Ensure full coverage and an even distribution.

  5. Cure Again: Harden the second layer using the LED light device for 60 seconds or the UV tube light device for 120 seconds, following the appropriate curing time.

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