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Especially quick-drying and shiny clear and topcoat. With a particularly hard and scratch-resistant surface.

The Super Hardener strengthens with shine! Whether used as a base, top coat or clear polish, using the fast drying Super Hardener once a week will address all nail types and prevent any further breakage.

Brittle nails are never ideal. Everyone wants strong, healthy nails that don't break, look great and can hold their polish. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. With LCN's Super Hardener, you can put an end to weak nails and give them an added boost right at home!

The LCN Super Hardener bonds to the natural nail and provides a firm and solid layer. As an added bonus, the Super Hardener protects against UV-A rays and will subsequently prevent the discolouration of polish.

Available sizes: 8 ml, 16 ml

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