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The all-rounder gel for every nail type.


Introducing our Builder Gel in a Bottle, the ultimate all-rounder gel designed to cater to every nail type. This remarkable product combines bonding, sculpting, and sealing properties into one convenient bottle, providing a seamless application process. With its exceptional stability and user-friendly nature, it's perfect for both beginners and experienced nail enthusiasts. Prepare to be amazed by the ease and reliability of the Super Gel Quick



  • All-Rounder Gel

  • Remarkable Stability

  • User-Friendly Nature



  • Extension Capability

  • Added Diamond Dust

Colors: Clear or Naked Rose

Available Sizes: 10ml.


  1. Prepare the Nail: Begin by preparing your nails. Ensure they are clean and free from any oils or residue. Shape the nails to your desired length and gently buff the surface for optimal adhesion.

  2. Bonding Agent: Apply a very small amount of the Builder Gel in a Bottle as a bonding agent onto the nail surface. Work the gel into the nail, ensuring full coverage. Cap the free edge of the nail to provide added strength and durability.

  3. Cure the First Layer: Once the bonding agent is applied, cure the first layer of the Builder Gel in a Bottle using a LED light unit for 60 seconds or a UV tube light unit for 120 seconds. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for accurate curing time.

  4. Sculpt the Second Layer: After curing the first layer, it's time to sculpt the second layer according to your desired nail shape and length. Take advantage of the gel's self-leveling properties and easily shape it to perfection.

  5. Cure, Wipe, and File: Cure the second layer under the LED light unit for 60 seconds or the UV tube light unit for 120 seconds. Once cured, gently wipe away any residue on the nails with a lint-free wipe. Finally, file the nails into the desired shape, refining the edges for a flawless finish.

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