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Bio Bond works exclusively with the power of natural ingredients. For dry, brittle, damaged nails with lifting tendencies.


  • Nourishing natural nail restorer

  • Protection of the natural nail from acid

  • Adhesion reinforcement before modeling

  • Avoiding hair lifts (when applied before sealing)



  • Contains urea and L-cysteine ​​(amino acid) and organic adhesive substances

  • acid-free



You can use LCN Bio Bond with all LCN gel systems. Use the product sparingly for new modeling and refilling to care for the natural nail and to prepare for the subsequent treatment.

The adhesion promoter with double effect

In addition to optimal adhesion enhancement for the creation of perfectly formed nails, Bio Bond gives you the opportunity to supply the natural nail plate with nourishing nutrients, so you can easily create a perfect foundation for all-round beautiful and well-groomed nails.


Powerful active ingredients from nature

LCN-Bio-Bond contains an organic adhesive, which has been successfully used in dentistry for many years. This gently binds to the surface of the natural nail and allows optimal adhesion for modeling. In addition, the light-curing adhesion promoter contains the nail-stabilizing and nourishing agent urea and the amino acid L-cysteine, which also has nail-stabilizing properties.

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