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LCN Sculpture is a very easy to model UV-Gel with high resistance to breakage and optimal build-up. Sculpture is ideal for processing stencil nails, very long nails, nails that require stronger shape correction or extremely high break resistance.

For all new model layers and refills with extreme length and special shapes. 

Modeling Properties:

  • stable consistency



  • extremely unbreakable

  • optimal build-ability



  • selectable in different shades

  • acid-free


Available Sizes: 5 ml, 25 ml, 100 ml

Trial sizes in 5 ml may be delivered in a different packaging.

Sculpture is available in different consistencies and color variants:

  • Sculpture: easy to assemble and formable in color variants clear, pink, opaque and pastel selectable.

  • Sculpture F: extremely expandable and malleable in the colors clear and pink.

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