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Level II Pedicure - Advanced

Course Duration: 3 Days
Time: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Course Fee: $790.00 plus taxes


  • Training Manual
  • Student Product Kit (in class use) $390 Value
  • Professional Pedique Kit (to complete model quota) $207.80 Value

Students must bring own electric file to class. With this 3-day course you will learn the techniques of specialized and advanced pedicure services. The course provides the comprehensive theory and practical training required to recognise and treat various foot and toenail disorders. This course also covers topics such as foot & toenail anatomy, diseases & disorders, diabetic and pregnancy foot care. You will also receive comprehensive hands on experience and knowledge in electric filing, corn removal and treatment of ingrown, deformed and fungal toenails. In addition, the course focuses on LCN’s Pedique, a revolutionary light cured resin designed for toenail reconstruction. You will also learn proper salon & sanitation procedures in accordance with Health Canada.

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