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Industrial Innocence Hits The Streets

The final Trend Collection of 2015 has hit the streets and it is by far the coolest of them all. We welcome the sexy bold shades of Industrial Innocence to the LCN colour palette. The strong statement that this colour combination makes is the perfect way for  LCN to end its Grand Jubilee 30th anniversary year. Here are a couple of examples of work done with this collection, if you have photos of your work please upload them to our Facebook Page or in a comment on the blog itself! Check out the LCN Germany Video showcasing stunning nail art for this collection. 

LCN Colour Gels Industrial Innocence

The coolest colours of them all 

LCN Nail Colours Industrial Innocence

The Industrial Innocence Collection

Like A Wrecking Ball LCN Industrial Innocence

Like a Wrecking Ball, Nails by Alyson Ertell 

Nails by Glitzzen, Industrial Innocence LCN

Sharp as a Bullet and WOW!